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Why Invest in Property?

Property investing can help you to create the lifestyle you desire; before jumping in it’s important to understand why and how you should consider investing in property. Below are just a handful of the reasons why we love property!

RESONATE PROPERTY - Why invest in property?

1. Property is tangible so, if like us, you like to see and feel what you invest in, then property investing could be great for you.

2. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there are many people who have paved the way and can help you to understand how to invest successfully and avoid the mistakes that they made.

3. Property provides safety and security, which are basic human needs (see Maslow for some fantastic reading!), so there is ALWAYS demand for property. As a property owner and landlord, you are providing a service for people, a home for them and their families to live in. This is a big part of our ‘why’ as a business and providing great quality homes for others can give you great satisfaction.

4. Property generates cashflow. This is a huge benefit – CASHFLOW is king in property investing and there is always a need for property, which, if you buy right, will mean you can depend on your property to generate cashflow for many years to come.

5. Property has been a tried and trusted investment for many generations of investors to protect and grow their wealth. The financial times rich list consistently features people who have made money in property and where they haven’t, a large proportion of them choose to invest the money they have made into property.

6. Compared to the majority of other business types, a property business can be systemised to operate without taking on staff. Where many business models rely heavily on employing staff to run successfully, services required by property businesses can be outsourced to professionals such as brokers, surveyors, agents and contractors.

So how can property work as an investment for you? There are, of course, many factors to consider when deciding whether property is right for you before you get stuck in. Next week, we’ll be looking at a particularly powerful ‘tool’ that can be used (carefully!) to hugely increase the return on your property investments… It starts with L. Any guesses?

REMEMBER - All investment activity carries risk. It is important to take advice from qualified professionals and ensure you understand all associated risks prior to investing.


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