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Investing in Property : UnLTD Feature

Recently, our Director of Investments - Mark Pereira caught up with the team at UnLTD Magazine to talk 'Investing in Property'

What makes now a good time to consider property investment?

Interest rates are at record-low levels and, for those with long-term savings goals, property can provide a steady reliable income and the potential for capital growth.

Who is investing in property and what is the most successful way of doing so?

Those looking to make what is widely considered to be a safe investment over the longer term are turning to property to help build a successful financial future.

Before investing in property, it is imperative to understand that you are setting up a business, even if you only plan to purchase one buy-to-let property. You have obligations and responsibilities as a landlord and must be sure to understand the risks as well as the rewards before investing. Successful property investing comes from finding the right team to work with and guide you along the way.

What are the first steps that someone investing in property (especially for the first time) should take?

You should first understand why you want to invest in property. What are your long-term goals and how long would you like to stay invested for? Are you mainly investing to grow your capital or for additional cash month to month? Before you invest in anything, you should be able to answer these fundamental questions as these will guide what investments you should make. Working with established property investment experts can help you to identify your specific goals.

How can you help investors and what tips would you give to a first-time investor?

We have been investing in property collectively for more than a decade and now help investors from all over the world invest their money successfully into property.

We can help you:

1 Identify what type of properties you should invest in and why.

2 Find the right properties to invest in and understand the numbers.

3 Negotiate the best price from the seller and see the sale through to completion.

4 Refurbish, let, and manage your property over the long term.

What is the most important thing an investor needs to consider during the process?

Remember that investing is a long-term game. While it is possible to make money relatively quickly in property, the biggest wins find you over the longer term.

Check out the latest issue of UnLTD for the full feature.

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