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Property Sourcing

Use our network of property professionals to build your property portfolio

We source property to your exact requirements

Investing in property can provide excellent returns, but finding the right location, type of property, tenants, agents, finance, solicitors, contractors and insurance to name just a few aspects, is very time-consuming.

We source property to save our investors time and money. 


We take a fully bespoke approach to property sourcing to guarantee we present only the property deals that match your exact criteria.


If required, we can also work with you to help you identify your criteria based on your investment aims. 

After an initial consultation, we use our expertise and network of property professionals to source property to your requirements to save our investors time and money.


Please note - we work exclusively with professional property investors.


In order for us to source property for you, you will need to be qualified by our Investment Services Team.


Due to current demand, we are not taking on new investor accounts at this time.

Please email us or complete the contact form below to register

your interest in our Investment Services.


Our Property Sourcing

The easiest way to find your next property

We take all of the work out of finding, negotiating, securing and completing your property purchase

Excellent return on investment

Our sourcers work to your investment criteria and get the best yields based on your strategy

Invest in growth areas

Buy property in areas with high growth potential

Prices to suit

your budget

We discuss and understand your budget to help you make the right level of investment


professional team

Need Solicitors, Brokers, Surveyors, Accountants?

 Use our team of experts

Save time and money

You sit back whilst we search the market and present the best deals to you


Investment Examples

Buy to Let

A Buy-to-Let property is purchased with the intention of maintaining ownership and letting the property to a tenant.

There are several different properties and tenant types suitable for a Buy-to-Let investment depending on your strategy. 


Investment Type: Buy to Let.

Return: 7%+

Prices from: c.£70,000

Student Buy to Let

A Student Buy-to-Let property is one suitable for letting to Student tenants based on its location and sometimes size and layout. Proximity to Higher-education Colleges and Universities is one of the most important features.


Investment Type: Student Buy to Let.

Return: 10-15%

Prices from: c.£90,000

Serviced Accommodation

Serviced Accommodation is becoming increasingly popular and can deliver a higher rate of return than a standard Buy-to-Let.


Tenants of Serviced Accommodation are generally looking for shorter periods of stay to cater for short-term leisure or business trips. The best property and tenant type for this kind of investment will vary depending on your strategy.


Investment Type: Serviced Accommodation 

Return: 12-25%

Prices from: c.£150,000

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