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We're here to make the life-changing benefits of safe and secure property available to all.

We believe that the places we inhabit fuel our success, because it is within them we create our foundations to make progress in every aspect of our lives. With a deep connection to our places of rest, work and play, we create the foundations for our life to thrive.


Upon our foundations we build opportunities to grow families, build careers, create ideas, give back, develop and challenge ourselves to go further.

We progress, we thrive.


That's why we do what we do.


We are on a relentless pursuit to make a real difference to people by bringing life to property and progressing our sector so that more people can find those places to do great things.


We invest in property, people and ideas to affect lasting, positive change on individuals and communities.

  • We work on PROPERTY – creating valuable homes for the UK property markets.

  • We work on IDEAS - investing in ideas that push forward the industries within which we work.

  • We work on RELATIONSHIPS - nurturing long-term relationships with our people and stakeholders.

  • We work on OURSELVES - continually improving and strengthening the infrastructure of our business and value.

We are driven by quality, progression,

professionalism, integrity and making a real difference.

Our Team

Mark Pereira

Mark P has a varied background in property, marketing and consulting with experience working in SME's to MNC's across multiple industries with a focus on driving growth through project and investment initiatives.


Mark owns multiple businesses within the property sector and leads RESONATE PROPERTY's Investment Services.

Mark Cody

Mark C has a background in project management and business development, working in different sectors of the construction industry. He has an array of experience working alongside Architect’s, surveyors and project managers. Mark owns multiple business within the property sector and leads RESONATE PROPERTY's Property Services.

Made in Sheffield

We're based in Sheffield, UK, and invest across the South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Lincolnshire areas.


We have specialist property knowledge of, and are actively purchasing and sourcing property in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Barnsley and Rotherham and other surrounding areas.

Find out why we invest in Sheffield