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South Yorkshire Property Seeing Increased Demand for Investment

The property market experienced many ups-and-downs during 2020. The challenging trading environment made it difficult for many to keep pace with changes and no-one knew what was around the corner. Homebuyers, tenants and investors alike experienced changes and setbacks throughout the year but the market bounced back strongly, assisted by various government-backed initiatives and has shown that the demand for property is not going away.

We've seen the demand for quality investment property building over the past year and this was demonstrated by the uplift in property prices following the initial lock-down period. Alongside the increase in prices, we've also noticed a shift in attitude and desire amongst those looking to invest in residential property, especially over the past quarter, with more looking to make their next investment purchase in Sheffield.

Mark Pereira, Director of Investments adds “Investors that were previously fixated on investing in areas such as Manchester or Leeds have not only shown greater interest, but are now actively purchasing in South Yorkshire. The upturn in asking prices amongst popular rental properties such as terraced houses in Sheffield is demonstrating this increased demand and the strong growth potential of investing in the region.”


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