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Finding the Right Letting Agent

Letting Agent in South Yorkshire Sheffield Barnsley Doncaster
Lettings and Property Management

How do you manage your rental property? You could choose to self-manage, arranging and undertaking viewings, keeping on top of regulatory changes, maintaining the property, collecting rent and dealing with any tenant issues. You could choose to have a letting agent find a tenant for you before taking over the management of the property yourself or you might also enlist the help of the agent to collect rent on your behalf; so if things go wrong, you don’t have to deal with chasing rent and sending demand letters yourself. Alternatively, you might decide that you don’t want to deal with any of the time-consuming tasks that come with letting, maintaining and managing your property by choosing an agent to manage the whole thing for you. But who do you choose? It’s a big decision.

Many long-established, large firms lack consistent customer service. Many settle for low standards when it comes to things like maintenance and looking after the landlord and tenant’s interests, and many charge their landlords inexplicable fees around every corner for actions such as re-signing a tenancy agreement and registering a deposit.

Finding a reliable, knowledgeable and accountable letting agency can be challenging and it’s something that many property investors and landlords feel strongly about. Taking feedback from landlords and tenants on-board, the team at RESONATE PROPERTY have teamed up with a South Yorkshire-based lettings specialist to bring reliability, accountability and high standards back to lettings and property management to landlords and property investors in South Yorkshire.

MOVR (pronounced “MOO-VER”) is a lettings and property management agency based in Sheffield covering Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield, Chesterfield, and the surrounding areas within South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. MOVR is focussed on 1-1 customer service with landlords and tenants, excellent communication, higher standards and a no setup fee policy as standard.

Mark Cody – Director of Property Services at RESONATE PROPERTY adds, “Working with an international client-base to find property investment opportunities puts the onus on us to ensure we are delivering impeccable standards of service. We must do this not only during the initial stages of finding and purchasing a suitable property but throughout the whole process of our client’s investments. We know that finding reliable lettings and property management is something that many property investors have struggled with. Thanks to the vast experience of the team, MOVR gives our clients the confidence that their properties and their best interests are at the heart of everything we do.”

Whether you’re wanting to find tenants in Sheffield, looking for property management in Barnsley or to seeking an established letting agent in Doncaster, get in touch with the team at MOVR today.

Visit the MOVR website for more information.


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