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September 2019 House Price Update

UK Housing Price and Market Update for September 2019

Monthly Change

- 0.2%

Quarterly Change

+ 0.2%

Annual Change

+ 0.2%

Average Price Paid


  • Annual price growth remained below 1% for the tenth consecutive month.

  • Weak global growth and intensifying European political uncertainty have slowed housing market pace.

  • Increases in real earnings and employment helped to sustain household spending by comparison to business spending which has experienced a reduction.

  • Prices in UK regions in the North of England experienced gains of up to 2.5% compared to the South which fell by 0.8%.

Source of UK Property Price Data ‘Annual Change’, ‘Quarterly Change’, ‘Monthly Change’, ‘Average Price’ and ‘Average Mortgage Rates’ - Nationwide House Price Index.

Please note that the use of the above information and commentary is subject to both the Nationwide Legal Terms ( and also where applicable, the Terms and Conditions found on our website

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