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Property Management

Get guaranteed rental income paid on time, every month.

We provide a hands-off, hassle-free way to run your rental property.


If you want your rent paid on time, every month, without any voids, letting costs or management costs, then our Property Management & Guaranteed Rent service is for you.


We manage your property and provide you with a guaranteed rental income, which greatly reduces the risks associated with traditional property letting such as tenant issues, voids and mounting management costs.

How does this work?

We effectively become your tenant and sign an agreement with you, which guarantees a fixed rental income for you, paid on time, every month. Having an established business like ours as your tenant, removes many of the potential risks associated with renting your property to an unknown tenant.


We then provide local and national businesses with short to medium term accommodation solutions, offering great value for money and flexibility.


We deal directly with established booking companies alongside these businesses so we can ensure that your property is well-maintained and highly occupied throughout our management.

Save £££'s with us

Earn More

Make more money from your property, with less stress and less risk.

Because we take the voids risk out of letting your property, using our property management with guaranteed rent, you could earn more than using a standard lettings management service.

The amount of rent we pay you could be market rent, or sometimes slightly lower but this depends on your property. 


Check out the example below to see how much more you can make using our property management service. 

Your monthly cashflow example

With your 

Letting Agent

£654 PCM

With our Guaranteed Rent

£800 PCM

Cashflow example breakdown

Screenshot 2019-04-29 at 09.44.06.png

In this example, compared to a letting agent managing your property,

Over a 5 year agreement with us

you would save almost



Benefits of our Property Management

Receive your rental income on time, every month

Because we're paying the rent, we guarantee that it is paid on time, every month.

Get paid even if the property is empty

Our service completely removes the risk of void periods.

Get paid if the rent is late or not paid at all

Make late payments and non-payments a thing of the past. 

We manage maintenance and inspect regularly

We ensure your property is kept in excellent condition throughout.

We handle all tenant enquiries and complaints

Our property management allows you to be fully hands-off. 

Get your first months rent paid into your account TODAY

Get in touch to see how we can help you and get your rent paid today.

NO setup or monthly fees

With our Rent Guarantee property management, there are NO fees payable. 

Internal condition of the property guaranteed

We guarantee your property stays in top condition throughout.

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What are the benefits compared to a traditional lettings service?

You have no management or set-up fees to pay, no void periods and no interaction with tenants at all. Because we cover void periods and general maintenance, we take on the risk


How long do you guarantee rent for?

We can guarantee your rent for three to five years but can be flexible on the terms we offer.


Does it matter what type of property I have?

We consider ANY property for our management service, so whether you have a city centre apartment or a large family home, get in touch to see how we can help you.


Is this an insurance policy?

No. We effectively become your tenant and pay rent to you on time every month. Please do your due diligence on any insurance products that you are considering purchasing.

Let's guarantee your rent today

To get your first month's rent paid today, or if you would like more information about our property management services, simply use the form below to get in touch.

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